Why I Would Never Visit a Salon

Hi guys!
Interesting topic right??? Well, maybe not so much. So maybe next time I’d remember to never go to just any salon. Ever since I stopped relaxing my hair in 2014, I’ve been to the salon only 3 times till date but some days ago I had a terrible salon experience so far(this has to be the worst)

I have a very tender scalp so I’m not one to jump at every opportunity to have someone make my hair. I had something to do with the salon owner a while ago and I remember precisely that she bragged about natural hair and how informed she was about it. To be very honest, I was really encouraged.
I made plans to have a change of hairstyle for an event, on this fateful day I was excited to have an “informed person” pamper my mane. I got to the salon and first asked for my hair to be washed. Of course, I went with my products and every little thing I possibly thought would be needed.

I was honestly very patient during the wash process. She put too much shampoo in my hair but of course I thought just maybe she had her own technique and then immediately she put the conditioner on my hair she attempted to put a comb through it. My thoughts were “what are you doing?”, I immediately told her to try to detangle it without a comb but she obviously had a difficulty with that so I thought maybe she’d detangle it after.
The time to finally braid my hair came and she did not have any plans to detangle my hair, I took it upon myself to fully detangle my hair because I had already wasted a lot of time there. She started from my nape and it was not so painful but as soon as she got to the next layer, she started complaining about my hair and how it was too thick and long, she said she did not expect my hair to be this thick. 

The process was beginning to hurt a lot and I just could not bear it anymore. I told her to take a break and it was during the break that this woman vexed my spirit. All of a sudden, the supposed expert started advising me to relax my hair or perhaps texlax it just for her to braid it. She even suggested to stretch it with dry heat, it was then I decided for the hair she had done to be taken out.

Worst part of it all was, I loosened the hair myself and still paid in full.
Well, I think I’ve learnt and now I know better than to go to just any salon. Till I find a good salon, I’ll keep on making my hair myself and wearing wigs

P.S: The hair in each of the pictures is a wig.

Ever had a terrible salon experience? Would you rather have someone make your hair? Or would you rather be like me and make your hair yourself? I’d love to hear your response.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕

49 thoughts on “Why I Would Never Visit a Salon

  1. Lol, I understand what you must have gone through. I had two terrible experiences and I took it out the next day, my scalp was on fire. Only Two people make my hair right now and are very gentle with it, if I do go anywhere else, I would explain to them and if they don’t understand me, I leave. My scalp is also very tender, so I would rather leave my hair as it is or try to make it myself when I have the time.

    1. I didn’t have so much time that was the main reason I went to her but now I’d rather leave my hair the way it is or wear a wig than let anyone fiddle with my hair.

  2. LMAO, sorry I laughed but its all a bit funny… One, I never trust anyone that actually brags they know everything about natural hair because they don’t know anything (most know the theory but never the practical). 2. Most of the time I do my hair (always braids), I always do my own detangling and washing and whatever needs to be done by myself. These people don’t even know you don’t comb the hair from the roots but from the tips (which often lead to hair loss), so I just do all the whole work by myself (except the braids of course). And you’re so trusting 😂… I would have gone after the washing 😂😂… Pele, I feel your pain

    1. After she did rubbish, she was still bragging about the hair. She started another story of how it was my fault because I had a tender scalp. Then she started complaining that my hair took so much strength from her. I was just dumbfounded

  3. I think I understand. For 6 months now I have not relaxed my hair and it has quite a length of undergrowth(natural part) and damaged relaxed part. I have been wanting to braid for ages now but when I thought of how difficult it’d be combing the hair and how tight the hair stylist will pull my hair, I just decided on doing crotchet by my self. Took a whole night but I finally got it done! My scalp is super tender and I don’t like any form of pain(well,who does) so I can’t even risk going to just any salon now

    1. Apparently some people like pain o. A woman who was also at the salon, kept shaking her head and giving me a funny look. Her story was: beauty pain is essential, you have to go through pain to be beautiful, lol. If beauty truly is pain, I wonder what has brought me thus far,lmao

  4. Same here dear. Knowing full well that my scalp is tender am very careful when it comes to visiting a salon because I have a bad experience last year that got me barbing my natural hair, it was a painful memory and I promise myself not visit any salon again, I can easily make my hair myself at my leisure time or use wigs sometimes. Thanks to God my natural hair is growing back. I can’t wait for it to grow even longer than yours😆. Your hair is my inspiration dear 💕

    1. Awwnn thank you
      Wow! I can imagine the pain for you to have your hair cut. My worst isn’t even yours but about your hair growing longer than mine, you can only wish, lol.
      But I’m glad your hair is growing really well.

  5. Wait, this is just wrong on so many levels. She made you pay for a hair she didn’t do ?! I stopped going to a some two years ago because each time I was there, it was always a talk about “when was I going to relax my hair”

    1. The woman looked like she was going to start trouble😂😂 I don’t have time for that.
      I’ve learnt a whole lot from this experience and you’re so lucky you realized 2 years ago

        1. Even fixing weavons sef, I’ve done that just once and I had to braid my hair myself before they could fix on it because the way they were also handling my hair was out of this world o

  6. Eeya pele. I haven’t found the right person to handle my hair as well so It’s me and my wig till I come across that ” somebody ” but I actually do know how you feel because my mum’s hairdresser is worse sef.

  7. I can just imagine your struggle dear. Since I went natural, I have avoided the saloon like a plague. When I even want to make my hair, I make sure the individual would not preach to me as to why I should just use relaxer to blow my hair so its combable or so that the style can last longer. Till we find a saloon that understands our hair, we’d just keep doing our thing ourselves

  8. First off, you look like Maraji in the first picture (lowkey). I totallyyyy understand what you mean. Please stick to the wigs o, before they’ll spoil our hair for us

  9. Awwww… Really annoying experience. I can tell because I’ve been in those shoes before, only mine wasn’t as bad. The stylist said she could make the style I asked for only for her to do something else entirely and still tell me it’s the same thing… Well, I had to rock the hair like that o, cos I just couldn’t afford to waste the money I had paid already. Sorry dear. 😃

    1. I think most salon need to learn how to be truthful because I think it’s a common trend just to make the money.
      If you can’t make or do something, it’s more honourable to say “I can’t”

  10. She definitely doesn’t know anything about Natural hair. SMH. She should know applying direct heat is very bad. Most of these so called hair stylists know nothing. They only care about the money and not improving their skills.


    1. OMG!
      You took the words right out of my mouth mehn! I think their goal is money and nothing else, someone once said “A learned person learns and re-learns” these ones are obviously far from a learned person

  11. My scalp is extremely tender and it hurts soo much when I comb it…Would feel it,if you just touch my hair a little……I fear making my hair because I leave the salon thinking,my hair would be all over the salon floor and I will leave with headache..Have a low porosity hair,so my ends tangle a lot…Those women have no mercy,they complain a lot,how I should either lock my hair or relax it….Right now,am sticking to my twists…..Pribodunke all the way!!!!

  12. I definitely don’t like going to the salon and I also don’t like anyone touching my hair. I just am too lazy most times but when it gets to me I make my hair myself. I do braids and Ghana weaving all by myself, I even made myself a braid wig at a point. I really get so lazy and the thought of going to a salon is definitely out. I don’t remember what a salon looks like anymore. I want to overcome the lazy attitude so my hair doesn’t go unattended to for so long. Your post really has inspired me.

    1. Thank you so much Mary. But you’re really lucky you can make your hair yourself, just imagine if you couldn’t. You could leave your hair untouched for 2 weeks or thereabout and wear your wig, that will help or maybe you just need a little push😁

  13. Hehe! I can totally relate. One woman once told me that the muscles in her neck ache whenever she makes my hair! And that I should not come back unless I relax my hair. She made it sound like relaxing one’s hair is the ultimate goal of having hair. Ptchew. My hair is almost always in protective styles (braids mostly because weaves make my scalp sweaty and itchy). When it’s not in braids, I wash and twist it or do cornrows-MYSELF. It was until recently that I was blessed with a roommate who loves to do natural hair, and handles it lovingly. Only she is allowed to touch my hair.

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