To All My Black Girls

Hello guys!

February didn’t start off too well for me, I’m trying so hard to get pass somethings and move on. Clear out somethings and just stay focused, nobody deserves to be unhappy, right?

I got these free hair clip-in samples from the wonderful people at toallmyblackgirls all the way from the UK and I’ll like to say a big thank you to them.

“To all My Black Girls is an expert in the natural hair market. Our hair extensions are designed specifically to blend well with African, Caribbean and mixed hair types. This means we can offer you the highest quality premium hair which blends seamlessly with your natural hair. To All My Black girls guarantees 100% human hair and with prices which you can afford; starting at €79.99. Our clip-ins are easy to install and you can achieve long and thick natural hair in just 5minutes”.

I got 3 samples from the Kinky Collection. Kinky straight, kinky curl and kinky coarse(left-right), all of them in 22″. This is what the hair looks like before combing.

This is the Kinky straight hair and its perfect if you hair is relaxed or you had your kinky hair straightened.(the look after combing)

The Kinky curl blends well with hair types 3c-4a.(the look after combing)

The kinky coarse blends well with 4a,b and c hair types. This is the one I would be getting. (This is the look after combing)

The clip-ins are very easy to install I must say and in few minutes you’re done installing a whole bundle.

After conditioning and combing 2-3 times this is the amount of shedding I got.

To preserve this hair, I believe treating it like its your own hair would go a long way. Washing with the right shampoo, conditioner and sealing it with your favourite oil would help preserve the hair. This hair can also be washed, dyed and straightened.

One bundle is enough for a full look but to get a fuller look two bundles would do.

P.S: Valentine is around the corner and if are still thinking of what to get for me, I honestly won’t say no to this hair. Also you can get this hair for that special girl. Delivery was also very quick.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕

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