Restaurant Review: Paris Bakery

 I never actually feel comfortable till I’ve had something sweet in one day. I know I have a sweet tooth but I worry I just might be addicted to sweet things but that’s not a problem for meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Paris Bakery is my favourite ice cream spot in Ibadan, anytime I have a craving, I just find my way there and I’ve always been satisfied. So this post is to everyone who has a sweet tooth like myself.

Paris bakery is located beside First Bank,( or opposite Mauve 21) Adeoyo Junction, Ringroad, Oluyole, Ibadan. I heard their mission is to provide affordable food and dessert at a ridiculously cheap price and trust me they’re doing justice to that.

I love the ambience at Paris Bakery and the lights make my pictures look great and I’m sure you also agree with this fact. If you follow me on Instagram then you must know I love Paris and in a way Paris Bakery rekindles my love for Paris every time. They have quotes of Paris and pictures from Paris here, even in the toilet😭
If you know, you know!
I love this!

The customer service at Paris Bakery is also good not great, I’ve been there a couple of times and the service wasn’t at it’s peak. One time the cashier was very impatient and rude, another time the attendant was practically ignoring my orders and doing what she wanted. So I advice you go expecting the worst just be patient and have a nice time with your meal or desert when you’re there.

These cupcakes unfortunately for me wasn’t great, they were quite dry but I still finished the whole thing.
Meet my date: Tolu

I love other things about Paris Bakery, their spaghetti is awesome; their chicken and chips isn’t also bad. So I’d recommend this place over and over again and I might just host a lucky reader soon. Giveaway alert!!!

Ever been to Paris Bakery? How did you like it there? I’d love to know your thoughts about Paris Bakery, just coent down below.

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26 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Paris Bakery

  1. I’ve bin to Paris bakery, I love d ambience too. Dier icecream z quite nice. D place z one to chill nd av fun. What I just don’t understand z d fact dat it z a bakery yet shisha still found its way to dier store lol, I think it’s offensive, let me rephrase, I find it offensive dat they’d be selling shisha der, judging from d no of kids I saw der d day I went. So I’d take my kids to d store one day nd they’d say mummy what’s dat on d counter nd then I v to start explaining to dem? Lol

    1. Lmao! Jolade o
      I understand what you’re saying but I’m used to seeing it around and children nowadays are smarter than their age so I’m of the opinion everything should be explained to them, even things on TV.
      I’m guessing they saw the need to sell it or something and make money. I’m not defending them in any way o, I’m just trying to reason along.

  2. Chai how come I’ve not come across this place in my 7 months in Ibadan? I should explore this city more. Dear, you’re not alone. If I don’t take chocolates or any other sweet substance, the day feels incomplete. That’s bad, right? I should reduce my sugar intake. I’m trying.
    Thanks for this review, will definitely check it out.
    I think Ibadan people are not so friendly, judging from my experience so far. From customer service to household relationship, most people are just cold towards you. I wonder why.

    1. There’s so much to explore in this city o. It’s not right, there actually should be moderation in everything we do.
      I feel it’s because there’s less competition in Ibadan that’s why workers can be so lackadaisical about their work. It pisses me so much and that’s part of the reasons why I like Lagos

  3. I loved the ice cream but the cake not so much. The second time I went there, I tried their brownie instead and it was just there. Another time I had sharwarma with my ice cream, lol, the sharwarma was pretty nice. I shared my first experience on my blog. And yh, customer service is not so great, however, the first time it was really good. Lovely posts and pictures. You went without me, Lool.

    1. I’ll try out their Sharwama next time but nothing can beat Frostyz Sharwama in my heart.
      I think they need to work on their cake and customer service. My first time was equally fine but subsequent times was bleh. Thank you Tosin

  4. The ice cream looks so delicious! I haven’t had time to tour Ibadan in a while, if I can I’d definitely visit this place. I have a sweet tooth too, but Im trying to control myself 😭

  5. And to think I thought I had a detailed post on paris bakery, lol.
    wow this place has changed. I’m a new reader of you blog, it’s nice to find an ibadan blogger

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