Restaurant Review: Ibadan Chinese Restaurant-Ibachi

Some weeks ago I had to run a few errands and I stumbled upon a new restaurant called Ibadan Chinese Restaurant-Ibachi. That same day a friend of mine and myself decided to try the place out. I was surprised as I had not heard about that particular restaurant before. But I later realized the restaurant was formerly Kabachi which was located at Ventura Mall, Samonda( for those that know Ibadan)

Parking Space

The parking space of the Ibadan Chinese Restaurant-Ibachi is big enough to accommodate all its customers as the restaurant has a whole two storey building to itself and a very large compound. So you do not have to worry about where to park your cars.


Ibadan Chinese Restaurant is located at 1 Theophilus Akinyele Way, New Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State. It is a white two-storey building which is quite hard to miss.


The building was what caught my attention when I saw the restaurant as there was something different about it which I still can not explain as compared to other restaurants. My love for the restaurant started when I was first greeted by the very courteous security man at the gate and then I entered the first floor which is actually the reception and was ushered to the first floor which has the actual restaurant and I fell in love once again. The little art pieces got to me and the carpentry work got to me and my friend too.

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant

Now to what we had, I like the idea of asking the workers to select my menu for me as I am usually hoping they would select one of their best dishes. The pleasant lady that waited on me suggested I got their Rice and chicken in black bean sauce. My friend had chicken chow mein and fresh pineapple juice.

The chicken in black bean sauce was alright nothing out of the normal, the chicken was well shredded and very tender although the sauce was a little too spicy. I also felt my food could have been out in just one plate instead of two different plates as it made it very uncomfortable for me to eat in peace without having to move things on my table. My friend didn’t have much to say about his meal apart from the fact that he really enjoyed it. The restaurant also does not currently have a dessert menu which isn’t a good thing for a sweet tooth like me.

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant

Ibadan Chinese Restaurant
chicken in black bean sauce
Ibadan Chinese Restaurant
Chicken Chow Mein


Customer Service

Customer service here was top-notch. I wouldn’t know maybe it was because the owner of the restaurant was present that day or the fact that my friend and I were the only customers they had at the time. But nonetheless the customer service was still top-notch.

Is the restaurant affordable? A big yes to that! My meal cost 3100 and my friends meal was 2800. Depending on what you would be having the overall pricing is very affordable. You can have a great meal with just five thousand naira.

Would I come back here? Most definitely!

If you have been to Kabachi and you loved it there, you would most definitely love “Ibachi”. I would love to know your thoughts about this new restaurant. Would you come here?

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17 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Ibadan Chinese Restaurant-Ibachi

  1. N3,100! That really affordable considering that it is a Chinese Restaurant. But then, I heard things are really cheap in Ibadan.

    The chicken sauce is reminding me that I am yet to eat today.

    Amazing review, I will save this for when I get to visit Ibadan again.

    1. Things are moderately cheap in Ibadan, not really cheap like that o.
      please let me know when you’re in Ibadan, I can volunteer to give you a treat. Please eat o
      thank you for stopping by Debs

  2. Thanks for the review!!👌
    Will definitely check this place out the next time am around. What is their drink menu like btw

  3. I love ur restaurant reviews, I’ve even visited two of dem: Paris bakery and one other one @ bodija. I’m not a fan of Chinese cuisines especially their rice and pasta but there are varieties so maybe I’d see what I like.

    1. You’re the real MVP Jolade, I’ll do a Chinese restaurant review I was in recently and their rice and pasta was all shades of amazing

  4. Great. I have walk past the resturant a number of times. Now I have a reason to walk in. Thanks for sharing

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