Restaurant Review: Cafe Chrysalis


Happy new month to you all.

So this post is dedicated to food lovers(like myself) ,as I said in this post that I would start a food adventure and I think I am beginning to love it.

A friend of mine had a birthday dinner at Cafe Chrysalis some days ago and she decided the restaurant we would all go to. Although I’ve been been there before with a couple of friends.

My main dish was meat balls with tomato sauce and pasta as a side and I am so glad they did justice to the meal. The sauce was properly sautéed and the meat balls were properly made.

The only thing I do not like about this place is their lightning. I could not get great pictures as the lightning is actually terrible, I had to use a flashlight to be able to take good pictures.

It also took forever for the light to come back on after the power cut as we practically had to bring that to their attention (rolls eyes). 

 I wish I took pictures of everyone’s main dish, the lightning was a major turn off so I was not encouraged.

Cafe Chrysalis is located at 23 Ilaro street, off Alabiyamo street, Old Bodija, Ibadan. There is also another branch at Ringroad, Ibadan.

Ever been to Cafe Chrysalis? What was your experience; was it a great one or otherwise? If you’ve not, would you?

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21 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Cafe Chrysalis

  1. Great post! Yeah, I have been there a few times. I totally agree with you regarding the lightning although I’d also say it kinda adds to the cozy feel of the restaurant. The thing I dislike most about Cafe Chrysalis though, is their preparation time. The last time I went there with a few people amongst which was my sister, we waited at least 2 hours before the food came along which was only hastened because my sister developed ulcer pain. I resolved never to go there when I need to quench hunger.

    1. Oh wow! That’s some experience o. We had to call some hours before and make the reservation, that’s what hastened the process. The first time I was also there it took about an hour for the food to be ready. Thank you Jasmine for your contribution

  2. A lot has changed in Ibadan o. Really wish I had so much time there to explore. Ilorin is as boring as it gets.

  3. I agree with the lightning problem. Even with the ever smiling waitress, they still wasted time. Sigh!. But as a huge lover of jazzzz, waiting wasn’t a problem cause you know, jukebox?. Food was really amazing too. You should try their porridge (have it with fish instead). Amazing post, Tife!

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