Product Review: Hairssentials by MLPro

“What products can I use to make my hair grow very fast?”
This is one question I get asked too often and my reply has never been different. Don’t be deceived guys no one product can give you that exponential growth you desire, it’s an overall process that takes time.
Today, I’ll be reviewing the Hairssential products by MLPro.

I had previously heard and seen on Instagram this new brand and I had a good feeling about it already; so imagine my excitement when I was asked to review the brand. I was sent the whole kit which consists of:

• Moisturizing black soap shampoo

• Moisturizing and detangling leave in conditioner

• Hair butter

• Lemonade spritz

•Hair growth oil

So I’ll briefly talk about each product and how my hair reacted to it. Whether it was great or not.

Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

The shampoo costs 1500 naira.This shampoo is said to be fortified with coconut oil and castor oil which my hair loves so I wasn’t sceptical about trying it out.

But I honestly was sceptical about the content because it’s 500ml guys and compared to the price I already thought it was going to be inferior but I was shocked! It lathers so well I only had to use a small portion on each section of my hair and with so small a portion, if cleansed my hair and scalp without leaving my hair dry.

Moisturizing and detangling leave in conditioner

The leave in conditioner costs 1200 naira. This leave in conditioner is also said to be fortified with castor oil and grapeseed oil.

After shampooing and deep conditioning my hair, I then applied the leave in conditioner to my damp hair and I totally loved how it left my hair feeling very moisturized and soft.

I also like how thick and creamy the leave in conditioner looks.

Hair Butter

This hair butter costs 1000 naira. The hair butter is said to be fortified with Shea butter and coconut oil.

When I first got the products, I used the hair butter with the spritz everyday and to be honest it did my hair so much good as to keeping it moisturized. So this particular product is a win win for me.

Lemonade Spritz

The lemonade spritz costs 1000 naira. It is said to be fortified with lemon extracts and essential oils.

This is my second favorite product in the kit. I love how portable it is and the fact it can be carried everywhere.

Magic Anti-Dandruff Hair Growth Oil

This oil costs 2500 naira. It is said to be fortified with castor oil and lavender oil.

Prior to getting these products my hair was in a very good condition so I didn’t notice any difference with this oil. But because of how light it feels I decided to apply it to my scalp.


• This brand is very affordable. The whole kit costs 6500 naira, so for anyone looking to have a healthy hair without breaking the bank I’ll recommend this brand.


• The packaging was regular and then the sticker that contains the information wasn’t so great. I love to “bathe” my products whenever I wash my hair but the sticker on it isn’t durable. The first time I used it, the sticker was already coming off.

• One thing I look forward to when I get a product is to look through the ingredients because some ingredients don’t work well for me. I wasn’t too excited when I didn’t have the information as regards the ingredients ( what if I’m allergic to something in it?)

• It came as a shock that the brand didn’t have a deep conditioner. That is the most important thing in my wash day.

On a scale of 1-10, I’ll rate this brand a 7 because of the three cons I mentioned above.

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Have you heard of Hairssentials? Would you purchase these products based on my review? Have you used any of their products before? Did your hair love it?

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