Product Review: Ewami Essentials-A Nigerian Brand

Happy new week guys! In this post I would be talking about one of my best brands thus far- Ewami Essentials.

Ewami Essentials. Lifestyle blogger in Nigeria

Ewami Essentials is a made in Nigeria brand that provides services in the manufacturing and sale of 100% organic skin and hair care products. It caters for both the skin and the African kinky hair whether relaxed or natural. They are located at 31, Oshuntokun Avenue, Old Bodija, Oyo, Nigeria.

Some weeks ago, I reached out to particular brands I have been following now for a while for a collaboration and I am super glad Ewami Essentials reached back out. I was sent two products from their hair line to review. If you have been following my product reviews you would realize that I am very particular about packaging and customer service and Ewami essentials satisfied me as regards that.

Packaging: I love how portable the containers look and the fact that they do not even look like a made in Nigeria brand, the containers got to me and this brand for me is proof that other Nigerian brands can be equally excellent.

Customer Service: I was more than impressed as regards their customer service, we communicated via emails and when it was time for me to receive the products, the owner of the brand Tomi was the most pleasant.


Ewami Essentials. Lifestyle blogger in Nigeria

Ewami Essentials. Lifestyle blogger in Nigeria

Ingredients: Deionized water, Bee wax, silk protein, corn starch, vegetable glycerin, biotin.

Benefits: Strengthens and repairs damaged and chemically treated hair.

First impression: I mentioned previously already that the packaging already won my heart as it isn’t the regular ‘Nigerian container’, the smell wasn’t particularly great but it sure didn’t have a disgusting smell. The smell is just right.

My experience: After washing my hair with a moisturizing shampoo, I then applied the protein treatment all over my hair and put it in four chunky twists and then wore a shower cap to allow my body temperature do its magic. I was supposed to leave the product in my hair for 15 minutes according to the instruction but laziness crept in and I went to bed almost immediately.

I remember telling my sister my hair would be hard as a sponge when I woke up but then I woke up 5 hours after and my hair wasn’t in the state I expected it to be. My hair was surprisingly soft, this came as a huge surprise because normally when I use a protein deep conditioner even for 15 minutes my hair is usually really hard and I would have to follow up with a moisturizing deep conditioner. But with this protein deep conditioner I didn’t have to use a moisturizing deep conditioner after.


Ewami Essentials. Lifestyle blogger in Nigeria

Ingredients: Deionized water, vegetable glycerin, ricinus commun (castor oil), Butyrospermum parki i( shea butter), chamomile, essential oil blend

Benefits: Hair mist that restores hairs PH to normal, softens hair and prevents frizz.

First impression: Apart from the packaging I mentioned earlier, the smell of this spritz is heavenly, maybe it is because I’m a huge lover of anything mint. Although mint isn’t included in the ingredients, I believe it is part of the essential oil blend listed.

My experience: Right after I deep conditioned with the Ewami essentials deep conditioning protein treatment I put my hair in mini twists and everyday I would spray this mist on my hair every morning. One interesting thing about this mist is the shine that comes with it so I usually don’t end up sealing after. Even my bestfriend is in love with the mist because it detangles his hair so well and leaves it soft which makes combing super easy for him.

P.S: I tasted both products (don’t judge me, its meant to be organic so it means it can go into my mouth as well) and honestly the deep conditioner tastes really sweet- it looks like it has sugar in it but that isn’t included in the ingredients. The hair mist also tastes really good too, lol.

On a scale of 1-10, I will rate this product an 8. Would I get this product again? Definitely! Especially the deep conditioner.

The hair mist costs 3360 and the deep conditioning protein treatment costs 3360 naira, you can place an order by either going through their website, calling any of the following numbers (+234) 7031551422 or (+234)  8157677403 or sending a direct message to them on Instagram here.

Have you ever used any product from the Ewami Essentials brand? Please share your experience. Do you also agree with me that the packaging is beautiful? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also read about my hair experience here and other product reviews here.

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