Practical Ways On How To Make Money

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Today I’ll be talking about money and awesome ways to let that cash flow into your account. It’s obvious that we all need money, we all like money but it’s the love of money that kills, the love of money is actually what makes people desperate. Money is a tool that is very crucial in life, it’s an asset that is needed daily and it’s imperative we know how to let it flow into our accounts so we can do what needs to be done. It is also very important for you to know that you’re the reason you’re either rich or broke.

As a dress

Without much ado, I’ll go on to share practical things that have helped me make money.

1. Provide a service: This is one very important thing you can’t overlook, you really can’t want money and not provide a service. In high school I was taught “Money is what you get in exchange for a service”. Whether it’s a skill you have or it’s a course you’re studying in the University/College, to what end is it? Of course it is to use your knowledge to make money. And the biggest lie you can tell yourself is ” I don’t have any service to provide”, there are a  thousand and one ideas on what to learn on YouTube, YouTube is an amazing teacher anyone can learn from. So try different things

2. Become a teacher and a counsellor: After you must have mastered the art of whichever service you choose only then can you start teaching others about it. Impacting knowledge in exchange for money. It’s pretty silly to keep knowledge to yourself when you can impact another life and still make an income from it. Never keep knowledge to yourself there’s enough room to accommodate everyone.

3. Affiliate marketing: involes promoting a product on your blog or social media platform and you get a commission whenever someone buys through your affiliate link. It is very easy to jump at any opportunity when it comes to affiliate marketing but only go for something in your niche so you don’t get confused. You also need an online presence, you do not necessarily have to have tons of followers but have quality content and be regular on any social media platform you find yourself so the brand know you’re a serious person.

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In conclusion, You pay for only what you don’t have.

So these are practical ways for you to make money anywhere and anytime. Any money guru in the house? Please share more information. Also, I hope this was helpful and if you need to add anything please drop your comment in the comment section below.
P.S: I’m not yet a pro when it comes to money but these are things that have helped me thus far.

About my outfit, I decided to style the shirt dress in 3 different ways.
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44 thoughts on “Practical Ways On How To Make Money

  1. Love the shirt dress! Especially as a dress. I love the overall styling. Good job! It’s really hard working for money especially when you’re in an environment where people want your services for free or don’t want it at all. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


    1. Thank you so much. Ha! Please o even family should pay I think that should encourage people.
      When you set a rule/policy I’m sure they will go for it and still pay since they want what they don’t have but you do

  2. Awesome post. Thanks for the tips. Your bag is gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜
    When would you be giving your blog readers an opportunity to raid your closer?

  3. Well put together article.
    Just to add that you need to be passionate about the service you render. From experience, you may start out rendering those services free, then word goes round and then you start making money.
    At the ‘freebie’ stage…fulfilment out of passion is the only reward…that will sustain you before cash starts rolling in…

  4. This is a lovely piece and I enjoyed it. I agree with everything you said.You can also make money not only by providing a service but by providing goods;trading! As long as you have good marketing skills and sense of profit and loss, i beleive you can make a lot of money from selling products. There is also the world of trading crypto currency such as bitcoin that is slowly taking over. Thank you for such an insightful read

    1. Yes very true. Although I’m not very conversant with trading crypto currency and all of that. I’ll read up on it and see if its something I can go into. Thank you so much for the tips Chisom

  5. True talk. Looking at the bright side of things , this ASUU strike provides opportunity to learn new stuff and improve on current skills. The money must be made… Thanks for this reminder ๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. Hey Bolu, this was a were enlightening post. I just stopped by and already love your blog. The outfit is so nice and of course money must be made ๐Ÿ˜

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