Practical Ways On How To Be Happy

Once upon a time, I let myself be unhappy. For a very long time my happiness was dependent on others and then I realized it was my choice. I was the reason for my happiness or my unhappiness and I decided to work towards being happy.

I’ve come to realize it’s easy to get overwhelmed by our demands, wants and needs that we become engulfed in our own world and resort to being unhappy. This sole reason has led to depression, lack of concentration and especially suicide.
Here are some things I’ve learnt, worked on and still working on:
1. Gods Love 
You can only practice what you believe in. God’s love for me has helped me in so many ways. When I want to give up, I am constantly reminded that God loved me first even before I was born. And no matter how hard I try, His love will always supercede mine and this always keeps me going. I mean how can someone love me so much? This fact keeps me from going into depression. When it starts to feel like I’m sinking, I choose to dwell on God’s word

2. Love yourself

It is disheartening to see that most people seek love in other places but themselves. I treaded on that path for a very long time and trust me it can be is very tiring. We often desire to find happiness from others and choose to ignore our very selves. Whatever happened to giving yourself a treat?

3. Love others

Have you ever heard the saying “you can only love others fully when you’ve loved yourself?” Even the Bible talks about ‘loving your neighbour as yourself’ this actually helps you see things in a different light. You will tend to make excuses for the others and trust me it’ll give you plenty reasons to be happy.
4. Be optimistic

Life is too short to go around being pessimistic. Always hope for the best in things and in people too. You can start by saying what you want to see happen, say it until it feels like the truth you know. This has helped me so many times. When I’m faced with a challenge, I go on to say what I want to see happen. Begin to say what you want to see so much that it becomes a part of you and you don’t see any other way of going about it. Now don’t get me wrong, it will be foolish to speak things and not back it up with necessary the actions. For example, if you desire to have a source of income, you first speak it and then find something to do( you can check out my tips on how to make money here)

5. Be involved in something

Be passionately involved in something, a man who lays around idle has a very high probability of being unhappy. Engage in something tasking such that it leaves no room for worries…

www So there you have it guys. How do you stay happy? I’d love to hear how you stay happy, just leave a comment down below.

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Xoxo, PribodunkeπŸ’•

31 thoughts on “Practical Ways On How To Be Happy

  1. Rightly said , it’s like this post is for me. I have been going through some emotional sturvs lately and to be honest ,happiness is an inside job and only you can create it fir yourself. Wonderful post!

  2. I totally agree with you. And to add to the list, I’ll say totally letting go of negativity helps. There are people out there who are Soo full of negativity,drop them. They won’t be of any help to you than to rub off such negativity on you.

    1. Very true, I actively choose my friends as having people who think in the opposite direction tend to slow me down and make me sad.
      So yes! Please do away with negative friends

  3. You look really nice πŸ˜πŸ™Œ. I have always struggled with excessive worrying and unhappiness but i am learning to rest on the fact that God is by my side at all times, watching over me and ensuring i don’t get hurt and with him taking such good care of me things can’t go awry.

  4. I’d add that doing all this things only happen by the grace of God which is received when we accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us on the cross.
    Human efforts takes you for a while but she Christ is in tour life, you do these things effortlessly…. Give your life to Jesus and see Him make you happy… by Tasha Cobb’s….Happy…comes to mind.

  5. I must say, the source of one’s happiness determines how long the happiness last. Searching all over, only God’s love has eternal sustainability, constantly reminding myself of this keep my happy plus I try to get usefully busy.

  6. Gorgeous pictures pribodunke. Are these taken in Nigeria? Some ways I stay happy is staying involved in helping others through volunteering, taking care of myself physically and mentally (exercising has done a great job with that) and lastly remembering God’s love for me. This has definitely carried me through difficult seasons.

    1. No it wasn’t, I took the pictures at Casa del Papa in BΓ©nin. Exercising has a way of making me feel better too and God’s love cannot be overemphasized. We thank God for all these things. Thank you for stopping by

  7. Awww I just love your post. I shall hit the follow key and look forward to reading more. Personally I like to exercise for one – it really does make me feel good, and also meet up with my neighbour and dog walk. Partly it’s the chatting together and partly the fresh air, but all in all, it makes me happy!

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