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For the longest time, I did not feel comfortable with Nigerian brands; clothes, food, shoes…name it.  Once I hear or see it is a Nigerian brand,that is just it. No amount of convincing will do. Over time, I have come to embrace my people(Nigerians) and what they produce.  Although,  some brands have not got a hold of it but I am super glad to those who have. Those are the ones who give us impeccable products that we can not resist. Kleos is one brand I certainly can not resist. 

I got talking with the CEO of Kleos and this is what he has to say:

I started this shoe company not long ago, from thoughts wallowing in deep meditations crystallized with a motive of making a locally manufactured product topnotch. It has gone pretty far if we would critically analzye the traction it has built in just less than 7 months. 

This was inspired by a vision to the end that a product can be manufactured from a local company in Nigeria with an outcome that entralls the global audience. 

We at Kleos Shoes are still on a rise, as we all know “rome wasn’t built in a day”, an adage often used attesting to the need of time of creating great things. With persistence and focus the endpoint of the vision will be tangible, an enigmatic apogee, a game changer for local products in Nigeria. Pioneering a new wave of local sophistication. 

We’re taking Africa, Nigeria to the ends of the earth with our products, handcrafted shoes featuring precise detailing, fine leather of topmost quality with an aesthetic outlook.

We really appreciate the love and support from all our supporting systems so far. We’re manufacturing sophisticated products by the day, improving all round the mechanics of our production. “To change is to improve, to become perfect is to change often” – Winston Churchill. 
African products would be on a pedestal before the apogee is reached. 

Support the brand. 

Walk uprightly, Walk steadily, Feel Classic. KLEOS IT!

Without further ado

Kleos Shoes men’s lace up in patent and black suede, with precise detailing, and leather of topmost quality.
Kleos shoes features a glossy burgundy and navy blue men’s lace up brogues with an aesthetic outlook and patterning.
Men’s Loafers with tassles in black leather.
A black suede loafers with tassels and a red bottoms sole giving an aesthetic outlook
Kleos Shoes features a brown brogues with tassels in a red bottoms.
Kleos Shoes features men’s lace up shoes with a patent black and red suede alongside an animal skin in black leather

At Kleos they make virtually everything your feet will love from corporate shoes to loafers, palm slippers, sandals…just name it. They also make shoes based on specifications and they ship to wherever you are(either in Nigeria or outside Nigeria)

To the ladies,  Kleos has a wonderful thing coming up so if you need matching shoes with your partner,  they have got you covered. You can follow Kleos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter(the link is in the first picture above) 

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