Product Review: Nerakoma- Made in Nigeria Skincare Brand

In this post, I would be doing a review on some products I received from Nerakoma and my initial thoughts about the brand. Nerakoma is a 100% organic and natural skincare brand that provides luxury skincare for all skin types. They also offer skincare consultations for any condition and skin type.

Nerakoma- Product Review

How did I find out about this brand?

Mind of Amaka put up a post here on skincare brands in Nigeria she would love to try out and after months of wanting to ”get my skin to glow” I followed all the brands she mentioned. I found Nerakoma on Instagram and fell in love with their pictures and aesthetic so I reached out to them for a collaboration and here we are today.

Ordering and Delivery

When I got in touch with Nerakoma, it was through emails but our communication got complicated as the emails I saw kept going into spam so it took days for me to reply their emails. They decided to send me four products ill be reviewing today. Nerakoma uses GIG logistics which I do not like and obviously the product took forever to get to me. GIG logistics didn’t call or send any text when the products got to Ibadan and it is sad the address I got of the place redirected me to a totally different place. So imagine my frustration when I got the products.

First Impressions

I like how the products came in. Because of the distance the products were coming from, the brand was thoughtful enough to seal the containers tightly to avoid spillage and that paid off 100% considering the stunt the logistics company pulled. The products came in white and green bag with the name Nerakoma written on it. Another wonderful thing about the products is that they have their ingredients listed on each product. So I don’t have to worry about allergies and reactions. The products also came with a very cute card that was appreciating me, lol.

Nerakoma- Product Reviewo

Nerakoma Black Soap Face and Body Wash

Nerakoma- Product Review

Ingredients: Black soap, Goat milk, Honey, Sandalwood, Orange peel, Aloe vera, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Coconut oil, Lemon grass oil.

This wash comes in a 250ml container. This soap doesn’t lather well so I didn’t use it for my body more than once because I didn’t want to waste the product. This wash actually cleanses my skin in an amazing way without leaving my skin stripped but rather moisturized. The smell wasn’t exactly bad neither was it good,

Nerakoma Luxury Body Beuree

Ingredients: Shea  butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter and other special oil blends.

Directions: Massage on semi dry skin after bath.

It comes in a 250g container. The smell of this body beuree is heavenly, the mango butter is highly dominant from the smell and it is so gentle on the skin, looks like ice cream froth. It is moisturizing but lightweight.

Nerakoma Coffee Delight (Body and Face Delight)

Nerakoma- Product Review

Ingredients: Ground coffee, Brown sugar, Cinnamon, Castile soap, Vitamin E and our special oil blend

Direction: Apply to wet cleansed skin in circular motion, focusing on the problem areas. Leave a few minutes for oils to absorb into skin, then rinse off. Use 2-3 times a week on face and body.

This face scrub comes in a 250g container. It is no news that I particularly like to use my senses when it comes to anything in particular. Opening the container of goodness, I could immediately smell the coffee and cinnamon. As regards the taste, just imagine coffee with small sugar and sea salts so it is safe to let some of this product go into your mouth without having to worry about anything. This scrub was very gentle on my face and wasn’t harsh in any way.

Pros and Cons

The one thing I didn’t like about this brand was the delivery service so I think the brand should change their delivery company or complain about my experience.

Nerakoma- Product Reviee

How to Order?

To place an order, you can send a direct message on Instagram here, send an email to them or put a call through to (+234) 8065410294

Nerakoma offers consultation between 8am-8pm(GMT), they also ship worldwide.

Have you ever heard of Nerakoma? How did you like it? Or you had a terrible experience with it? Would you buy this brand based on my review?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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