My Natural Hair Journey: My Hair, My Choice!

In whatever you do, not everyone will be pleased with your decisions, the only thing that matters is if it makes you happy. Likewise, your decisions based on your natural hair , your appearance and life generally depends on you.

my natural hair journey: my hair, my choice

In today’s post, I’ll be sharing my hair journey and how far I’ve come on this journey.

I had my hair relaxed as a child when I was eight years old and it wasn’t my choice , my hair was relaxed because my sister had a coarse hair texture and for some reasons my Mum thought I would also be glad to have bone straight hair and she also won’t have to go through the stress of having to deal with two hair textures every weekend (mine and my sister’s)

my natural hair journey: my hair, my choice
my natural hair

Of course I loved my relaxed hair because I could finally be associated with the “relaxed cool team” and at every opportunity I had to flaunt my hair I would do it with all gladness.

Years went by and my precious hair started losing volume and length every time I had my hair out for any reason. It got so bad that each time I got my hair relaxed and had it in a ponytail, I would look bald from afar. Then sometime in 2013, after Secondary school, I went online to find a cure to the embarrassment I had on my head then I stumbled upon “Texlaxing” (which simply means deliberately under processing your hair when getting it relaxed). My hair then started having more volume and thus it retained more length and I loved it.

Then I thought if m y hair could have this much volume then my natural hair would have even much more. Finally, in December 2014 i had my big chop and my natural hair journey began.

I remember when I first had my haircut, a Pastor in my church called me aside and asked if I had just joined any form of secret cult (coincidentally I had just resumed in the University) and honestly that has to be one of the most annoying comment ever about my decision to go natural. A friend of my Mum told me one time I looked unkempt because of my natural hair, she even went as far as saying she would tell me to leave her class if she were my lecturer. Even my Mum hasn’t been a big fan of my hair except it is in a bun.

For me, my natural hair journey started as a bid to prove a point to my family members who thought my natural hair would not grow and then I’ll be forced to relax it. I’m glad and thankful to them because my journey has been an inspiration to others and this journey has helped me teach men and women how to love and care for their hair especially their natural hair.

my natural hair journey: my hair, my choice

my natural hair journey: my hair, my choice

my natural hair journey: my hair, my choice

Through it all, I have had people talk trash about my hair, I have had people  comment positively about my hair. I have also thought about having a haircut, I have had those days when my hair was a complete mess and I was confused on what to do with it, those days when it felt like my hair was not growing( shout out to whoever invented a camera). I have had those days where I would go weeks without washing my hair because I was being lazy. I have also had those days when I thought about just relaxing my hair (yes! I get that too)

But in all of these, I have learnt to love my hair journey and not compare it with others because at the end of it all it is my hair and I choose what I do with it. It honestly is my choice if I decide to have it cut, dye it or relax it.

Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, it is okay if you don’t feel too good about your hair, the important thing is not allowing yourself stay in that position but rather doing something about it. Love every single part of your journey.

So when Nefe CEO of o2designs reached out to me asking which of the natural hair collection I was interested in it was easy for me to pick one. You can shop for this particular design or anyone of your choice here. And their customer service and quality is top notch. Maybe if all made in Nigeria brands were like this I would buy from more brands.

How has your hair journey been? What challenges have you faced and overcame in your hair journey? What advice would you give to someone who is just starting their journey? Please share in the comment section below.

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xoxo, Pribodunke.

21 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Journey: My Hair, My Choice!

  1. My dad never liked relaxed hair so he did not allow my sister’s and I relax it and although I hated not relaxing my hair cos it was short and annoying and all my friends had relaxed long hair. But now, I’m happy that I never did. I also wanted to cut my hair cos I was tired of it being the same length since I was in primary school up till end of secondary school. Although I just started taking proper care of my hair last year, I’ve seen progress and I’m excited to how healthy and long my hair would be!! Thanks Bolu♥

    1. I’m very proud of your journey as well and the fact that you are striving to get it to be healthy and long. More power to your elbow babe

  2. Your hair is so gorgeous. I am glad you made the decision to go natural; you have inspired my own hair journey. The shirt is also gorgeous

  3. Your hair is so lovely and full. My hair journey is just fullnof protective styles, I haven’t really rocked my natural hair( silently considering locs🤔 sha). My advice to someone starting out is to ENJOY your hair, at times ditch protective styling and just STYLE the damn hair.

    1. Haha i really like your advice mehn! Locs is actually not a bad idea i just still like styling my hair and rocking my fro
      Thank you for stopping by

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