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Hi guys,

Happy Children’s Sunday

I’m currently listening to Loving me by Jonathan McReynolds and I really can’t stop listening to this song. Recently I’ve been thinking a lot of my mistakes and imperfections and this song is speaking to me in many ways and reminding me of God’s love.

I’m nowhere close to a perfect man
And it takes a supernatural love to even understand
That beyond the walls behind, the mask and confident smile,
Was a broken man trying to grow up and make life worthwhile,
And I know there were times that you probably shouldn’t,
But I thank you for always Loving me
And I know anyone else they probably wouldn’t

But I thank you for always loving me. Now I know there were days I looked at myself. I felt like less of a person compared to everyone else,

What about this flaw too big too small, can I exchange?
And trying to make-up for where I fell short, I let sense slip away

But when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see
Oh, I just thank you for always loving me.
And I know I get bad, but you wait patiently
I want to thank you for always Loving me. Oh i just want to thank you for always loving me. Father I want to thank you for always loving me

So you just keep Loving me
Thank you for loving me

Though I know I don’t have everything that it takes
you keep Loving me
And regardless of every mistake that I make, you keep Loving me
And it probably don’t matter what I do or say, you keep Loving me
And even with the pimples on my face, you keep Loving me
So you just keep Loving me
Wanna thank you for loving me
You just Keep Loving me
Oh Lord I thank you for always loving me
Though I know I don’t deserve it
You keep on loving me
And I know I didn’t do nothing for it
But you keep on loving me

Oh, and when I really really, didnt love myself, Lord you were there loving me
Oh, Inspite of me, Lord you keep loving me
Lord I thank you for always LOVING ME.

I know a lot of people call me strong, I really don’t feel this way all the time but one thing that keeps me going is God’s love and going back to His word to be constantly in tune with Him

This is a form of encouragement to someone out there, it’s okay to feel bad sometimes but its not okay to remain like that. 

Have a wonderful week.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕

20 thoughts on “Loving me

  1. So true… So true. Only God understands and loves us in and out. As in despite all our flaws and terrible imperfections. Thank you for the song alert(lol, I’m going to download it right away). Well done, B’Oluwatife. 😘

  2. God tolerates our excesses and it’s almost impossible to believe that his love for us endures for ever. I am trying to learn to love like he did because he let’s the sun and rain fall on both the just and unjust.Nice post and I personally think uf

  3. Beautiful post . God’s love is everything!And being constantly reminded of that love keeps you above all forms of negativity.

  4. This song is one of my favs, God’s Love is a constant reminder that he is always by our side, even in our imperfections or bad feelings, He still shows us how much He cares for us and how much of a Father He is. Thank you for sharing this. An encouragement indeed.

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