Let it count 

Hello guys! 

Happy Sunday. 

How was the weekend? Mine was awesome, I had a wedding and my departmental dinner(I’ll put pictures of that up in the next post)

 Have you ever wondered if God truly had your back? Don’t worry you’re not alone, I’d share a quick story. 

I wrote my WAEC(a final exam for senior secondary school students) and I aced it, I also did very well in JAMB and the next thing was my admission into the University, right? Well that didn’t happen, I wrote the post-utme exam and I had one mark below the general cut-off. Was I devastated, oh sure I was(devastating is an understatement). No words could comfort me, I gave up on my faith even though I had lots of encouragement, I thought about suicide a couple of times, some of my friends abandoned me, I hated life and nothing seemed real to me anymore, at some point I thought God was punishing me for all the bad things I had done, lol. It took a lot of confessing God’s word and extra effort from my parents for me to get back up. 

After a whole year, it was finally time to retake the exam and I did so well I qualified for  all science related courses but one. Trust me the only thing that kept me going was God’s word and my parents. Fast forward to date, I have met so many people who have gone through the exact thing and what I learnt then was what I could tell them. No matter what happens I know He has overcome (John16:33)

Whatever lesson you learn whether good or bad can help the next person and never take the little things for granted. 

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. Jeremiah 29:11

Have you ever had a tough time? Share your story in the comment box below

Xoxo, Pribodunke 💕

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  1. Ive bin in a couple of situations dat has warranted my thinking if God hasn’t abandoned me or sumfin but d truth z he always had a better thing in plan or i was too fast. God’s timing z perfect, we just nid to ask for d grace of God to kip to his timing. Der was a tym i felt maybe i was inadequate, perhaps unqualified or maybe i wasn’t serving God enuf in order to get a particular prayer answered but den, lyk i sed, God’s timing z perfect, i just nid to trust him. God never failed me yet so I’d kip on expecting my answers but at God’s ryt tym.

    1. Yes yes that’s absolutely true, He’s timing might just not be ours. That’s where our faith also comes in; holding on to things as though they are. Thank you for stopping by

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