I have Joy!

Hey hey!!!

How are you guys doing today?

Merry Christmas eve.

I smell Joy in the air, yipee!!! I’ve been dreaming of Christmas since July or August (can’t remember now) and Christmas is here finally and I don’t feel any of the vibes.

This post should have been up a couple of hours ago but something happened: I was really depressed over nothing but I’m grateful to God for friends that are always there and then I realized “oh my God” I have Joy and so I cannot be depressed. Joy to the world the Lord is come… Jesus is that Joy that has come to me and everyone. That Joy has made me an heir to God’s throne so I have EVERY spiritual blessings and  this same Joy has given my direct access into God’s presence.

This very thought brought so much Joy to my heart although I still dont feel the Christmas vibe I feel Jesus’ vibe (this happens everyday,lol) so that alone gives me Joy.

Once upon a time, I usually have a Christmas card to get Christmas money from friends and family and trust me I used to get a lot for myself but fast forward to this day….everybody thinks I’m a big girl now, I’m not I still need money and loads of gifts.

Once upon a time, Christmas clothes and shoes were a big deal. I usually have the style or outfit in my head months before Christmas and then on Christmas day I’d flourish in my new outfit. Nobody cares anymore, what happened?

Ever wanted to do a little shopping only to be disappointed just because your size wasn’t available. Well that was my fate until an idea popped up…why not turn a top into a skirt and wholla! This skirt came alive.


Top: Pierre Mantoux

Skirt: Pribodunke

Shoes: Jumia

Earrings: Gift

What practices for Christmas have stopped?

What’s your opinion on this Christmas outfit?
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Xoxo, Pribodunke๐Ÿ’•

0 thoughts on “I have Joy!

  1. Hmmmm… Lovely one as usual.
    @idon’tgetgiftsanymore…. You’re fast becoming an adult who should now handout gifts to the younger generation….and also to the adults that were generous to you in yester years… Lol

  2. Well, about getting gifts, sorry. I can relate๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…
    It seems their tables have turned now. People now expect gifts from us. Mahn… God help me be a good big brother o

  3. Slay mami! Love what you did with the skirt! It’s really innovative. Mehn, I’m not feeling Christmas at all. In fact my mood isn’t all that sef. I dunno whatsup.


    1. I think not feeling Christmas has to do with the fact that we’re growing, I was just thinking of how I always thought Santa was real in the US. Rejoice in the fact that you have Jesus and enjoy all the food from tomorrow.
      Thank you for stopping by

  4. Mehn, o le ya photo ooo…
    Love the post. Joy isn’t something we have cause we feel it. It’s something we have because of our position in Christ.
    You’re amazing Bolu. Keep shining as the light that you are!

  5. Gone are those days when we got Christmas clothes. I have to say that I miss them. Nice blog you have. Please, I’m curious, what’s the name of the red lipstick you used. It’s really pretty.


  6. Firstly. I love your outfit. Totally chic yet simple. How I love simple outfits.
    I used to do the collecting money for Christmas thingy till well. Till I outgrew it and I almost don’t care about Christmas anymore. I just finished fighting depression myself and then remembering the purpose of Christmas was enough to revive me and make me find the happy Tosin.

  7. Nice one Bolu.I am really proud of you.This has given me inspiration on something I have planned on doing for some time now.

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