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Happy new month! The month of March was the best ever and I cannot wait to unravel all the goodies April has to offer. I already unraveled one today… Berry is expecting a child, I remember just last week I was thinking of her and said a quick prayer for her and its just awesome to know my Father listens.

So in February a prominent natural hair company reached out to me and we got talking and like play like play I became an affiliate stylist and they sent me samples of their hair.

HerGivenHair is a hair company providing 100% human hair extensions meant to blend with natural hair textures. They have a product line which includes weaves, clip ins, closures, u-part wigs and bulk hair(for crochet).

HerGivenHair is committed to providing hair extensions for all natural hair types and in the near future creating a one-stop purchasing service platform for natural hair product customers.

The 3 different natural hair textures include Curly, Coily and Kinky.

Coily is for hair type 3c-4a

Curly is for hair type 3a-3b

Kinky is for hair type 4b-4c

To maintain this hair, you’ll need to wash and condition the hair regularly.

You can use my coupon code PRIBODUNKE whenever you want to make a purchase and get at least 5% off and use my link http://www.hergivenhair.com/?stylist=pribodunke

What’s your hair type?

What do you think about natural hair extensions?

Would you like to purchase one soon?

I’d love to know your thoughts so please comment in the box below.

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21 thoughts on “HerGivenHair

  1. Nice post!Some day, when circumstances permit, I’ll get me some good natural hair clip-ins.How comfortable is it tho? Does it make your hair itchy?

    1. It’s really comfortable and no it doesn’t make your hair itchy. Its like those hair clips the only difference is this one has hair attached to it. Thank you for stopping by Stacey

  2. My hair type is 4b/4c I think and I don’t really like hair extensions but I have styles I don’t mind rocking. I’ve actually been thinking of trying HerGivenHair extensions for a week now, I might get it and try a new look with it. Thank you for sharing girl, hope to see a review and also styling tips.


  3. Nice! Been seeing the pics online. Would love to get the Kinky range but my pocket is doing comma right now. Lol. You are doing well.

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