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I’m so sorry I’ve been away for 23 days, I never thought this day would come(to be honest) but school got in the way and I needed to take a compulsory break to reprogram my schedule. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that took out time to check up on me(you rock!).

Remember HerGivenHair? (from this post) I was sent 2bundles of hair and a closure (the coily extensions) and I’ll be showing off my hair for the month of May(who is excited?). This post is basically on how to care for the hair before installation.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in my last HerGivenHair hair post but their packaging and delivery is top notch. I’ll definitely use the box afterwards and delivery was in less than a week.

The hair also comes with a guide on how to care for the hair before and after installation. I also received a free satin scarf with the hair.

These are the 2 bundles(20 inches each) and the closure

This is a better view of the closure and it’s 18 inches.

Step one: Open the package (of course). Apply water to the wefts until the wefts are completely wet.

Step two: Apply any recommended conditioner for natural hair. Use your fingers and comb to detangle the hair.

Step three: Separate the wefts with the conditioner still in the hair.

Step four: Rinse the conditioner out and then let hair air-dry.This is what the hair looks like after it’s been fully detangled.

Step five: Seal the wefts after the hair is dried. I’ll seal the weft with oil, the picture of this procedure isn’t included because the hair is still air-drying.

I used this wide tooth comb to detangle the hair after finger detangling and also used the conditioner in the picture .

This is the amount of shedding I got after detangling(awesome right?)

Also, don’t forget to use my coupon code “PRIBODUNKE” when you want to purchase your hair and there’s a Prom promo going on that qualifies you for a 10% discount instead of the normal 5% discount. 


Are you looking for extensions that perfectly suits your kinky hair? HerGivenHair is the sure bet.

Have you ever tried HerGivenHair? Please share your experience.

Please comment below if you’ll like to see ways of styling this hair.

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  1. Welcome back, been waiting patiently on you. And yes!! I definitely want to see various ways of styling the hair.

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