Hair Review: Better Length

Some call me lucky, I call myself Blessed and highly favoured.

So today I’ll be reviewing a hair company I love so much and had been secretly wishing to work with little wonder when they put up a giveaway I didn’t think twice before contesting and I was ecstatic when I won the giveway. Without further ado let’s get into the business of the day.

Better Length launched on the 14th of May, 2014 is a hair company that provides clip-ins which are made of high quality 100% human hair. They provide a wide range of textured clip-in extensions for Black women and their goal is to make sure that there is something for everyone (how beautiful is that?)

Better Length offers eight different textures namely:

• Light Yaki for relaxed hair or permed hair.

• Kinky straight for transitioning hair

• Coarse Yaki for straightened natural hair

• Kinky Coarse for natural blow out

• Curly for 3a-3b hair

• Kinky curly for 3b-3c hair

• Afro Kinky curly for 3c-4a hair

• Afro kinky coily for 4b-4c hair

When I was asked what texture I wanted, I quickly decided to go with the Kinky Coarse because for the longest time I’ve always wanted to get a blow out. This was the boost I honestly needed.

First Impression

First things first allow me to rants about how much I love love this hair, I mean it’s so soft and the texture is perfect and by perfect I mean it can easily blend with your blown out natural hair.

The clip ins come with a protective material that prevents snagging and friction with your real hair. The clip ins are also very versatile and can be worn in different styles. Another beautiful thing about the clip ins is you need just one bundle to achieve a full look.

Their customer service was excellent, I got constant emails till I finally got the hair. The clip ins also come in a very attractive silk bag that can used over and over again.

Hair review: Better Length

The clip ins also comes with an extra clip and needle and thread just in case any one pulls off.

Also, contrary to popular belief good hair should shed but minimal shedding and the amount of hair I get whenever I comb this hair is usually very little.

Have you ever used any hair from Better Length? Also, if you have any questions about this hair or you want me to do any particular style with it please drop a comment below.

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