Restaurant Review: Da-Kings Grill and Coffee

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Ibadan Ibadan Ibadan!!! I usually get irritated when I see some dumb posts about Ibadan (PS: it’s not a village) Anyways there are so many cool spots in Ibadan for those of you who do not know and I havee actually decided to go hunting, so you should expect posts from my “hunting” adventures.

  Yesterday was my awesome brother’s birthday and of course my family had to celebrate it with him so we went to Da-Kings Grill and Coffee ( I could not take pictures of the place as we got there quite late and it skipped my mind)

So please sit back and enjoy this review.
I have secretly been waiting for someone to go there and give me a feedback just to know how nice the place is but it seems they were all waiting for me, lol

Da-Kings Grill amd Coffee is located at No. 47, Samonda, UI Road, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria. You can not miss it! My first impression was “hmmnn nice place”. Ambience was really good and then I looked at the menu list and I actually wanted more more more as I definitely was not” feeling ” it.

My mum took one look at the menu list and was like “I am done, I am not having anything” but the lady that attended to us just smiled and said “don’t worry MA, Daddy will get you something”

I actually wanted Scrambled eggs and Belgian waffles and a glass of smoothie but they did not have smoothie as at the time we got there so I just ordered grilled chicken and chips(my parents also got that)

My brother(birthday boy) had Nachos Grande: Tortilla chips with minced beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeΓ±os, salsa and sour cream.

While my sister had grilled fish with chips.

Their food was freshly made so we had to wait a while before we got our order so do not go there really hungry.
I always look forward to good Customer service and this place did justice that that.

So whether you are visiting Ibadan or you are in Ibadan and looking for a place to relax and eat, I would definitely recommend this place

P.S: This is not a sponsored post, everything we bought, we paid for it.

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25 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Da-Kings Grill and Coffee

  1. Sounds lyk a place I’d want to try out, d menu looks really attractive. I’d try d place out pretty soon. Dese pple dat v never bin to ibadan nd they say all sorts of unnice things about d place i don’t understand o, u’ve not bin dr before yet u v a lot to say about d place how? I just ignore dem nd rep ib in dier faces

  2. Da kings is a nice place, my surprise birthday party was held there and my first impression was “hmm this place is fine oh”.Their food wasn’t bad as well so yh I recommend Da-Kings for everyone (ibadan people and non ibadan people😁)..Happy birthday in arrears to your brother as well, God’s blessings follow him..
    PS : that boy can try oyinbo food for Africa sha, which one is that one he ordered again, I’ll just jejely take chicken and chips that I know lol

  3. Twitter Nigeria just hates Ibadan. Every silly thing must and can only be happening in Ibadan, in their opinion of course. Ibadan is the brown roof city and we love like that. 😊😊😊

    This people should pay o. Positive Review.

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