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Hey guys!

How y’all doing?

Today is the last day in the month of May and it just wasn’t my best, I’ve been in pain for the longest hours in my life and food won’t just sit in my stomach but I’m so glad the pain is gone now.

Who remembers the dress code for choreography or choir in Primary school? It was always black and white for me and I hated it but now I’m guessing that was the easiest thing to get. But as I grew older I started to love anything in black and white, right now if anyone in my family wants to get anything for me they simply go black and white.

Right now more that 80% of my clothes is either white or black and I totally love it. Someone once said “I love everything in black and white just put it in a TV and I’ll watch” 

To my outfit, this white top was gifted to me by my awesome sister(shout out to the CEO of Pulcher makeover) and I immediately fell in love with it and the skirt I hijacked from my cousins wardrobe. I added the pink shoes to the outfit, the rings and the statement necklace just to give it my kind of vibe (winks)

The doll in me

I wore this outfit to church and someone said I looked like a doll and trust me it made my day. 


Top: Gift

Skirt: Gift

Rings: Aliexpress

Necklace: Aliexpress

Shoes: Atmosphere

P.S: Always compliment people, you just might make someone’s day.

What’s your take on white and black?

I’d love to know your thoughts, just comment below and also like and share.

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Xoxo, PribodunkeπŸ’•

50 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  1. Black and White is totally me! Hostelmates think I’m a law student in fact.
    I get questioned on several occasions cause I mostly put on black and white 😁

    1. Haha! That’s me in my first year and I know some particular law student that used to get angry just because I was mostly in white and black. Thank you for stopping by

  2. Black and white is starting to be my go to colour. I love it, it has this classiness associated to it. You look lovely and beautiful. Keep slaying girl.

  3. Black and white (with a touch of red ) was my secondary school’s ‘colour syndrome’.
    It was the compulsory V. S colour code in fact. I think it’s still that way sef. I wasn’t a fan then but let’s say I grew up. Lol
    It’s a dope combo.
    Nice piece and a big bye to the pain. *winks*

  4. Yeah
    Black and white is bae
    The outfit was simple and muahh
    I love this,you just killed it
    keep up the good work#thumbsup

  5. I love your outfit! I especially like the top and the way it’s designed, then you added the necklace on top which is gorgeous. I peeped you got your necklace and rings from Aliexpress ayyy another Aliexpress buyer lol you’re the first blogger I’ve seen with stuff from there! Keep looking good, and I hope the pain doesn’t return any time soon

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much Amaka. I just got tired of getting extorted from stores when they get their stuff from Aliexpress too. I pray I never experience such pain anymore. Thank you for stopping by

          1. As in.. This 1500 thing wouldn’t even be a problem except for the fact that you still have to pay for shipping! If it was 1500 and free shipping (combining shipping cost into the end price) I would be happier to patronise smh! God help us.. please oh tell us how you were able to shop online lol.. you must be using GTB?

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