Bab’s Dock, The Republic of Benin

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Happy new month! I know I’ve been away for some days but please accept my apology. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I had so much fun this last weekend (if you’re not following me already just click here) at The Republic of Benin and it was an amazing one thanks to Oto of wakaholic

The Republic of Benin is a neighboring country I’ve always wanted to cross off my list and I’m super glad I did that( you can read about Cassie Dave’s experience here). After about 5 hours on the road, we finally reached our destination and stopped at an amazing lake house at Cococodji

Bab’s dock is a private lake home owned by a couple from Belgium, it is located in Cococodji, Benin Republic. It is about 15km from Cotonou. Bab’s dock is open only on weekends and public holidays.

There are two options of getting to Bab’s dork, one was by driving through a beau mangrove to enjoy wildlife and the other was by a boat ride. The drive was very bumpy as the road was really bad but I soon forgot about it when I got to the lake house.
Lake view

To get to the Lake house, you’ll need to put a call through to the managements to send a guide to fetch you.

The entrance fee was 2000CFA by road and 2500CFA by boat. The lake house is made up of two bungalows.
The wakaholics
Mini bar
The Wakaholics

The house also has a playground for both children and adults.

The house also has a “mini-zoo” made up of two donkeys, one alligator, two tortoises and turtles.
A donkey
The Alligatos

The menu list was European in style but local in production but they were all written in French and that made it difficult for me to select so I went with the normal meal I was used to. The main meal ranges from 3000CFA to 7000CFA.

One very interesting thing about the Lake house were the toilets. The water was substituted for saw dust. So when you’re done you flush with saw dust but there was water to wash your hands with. I had a lot of questions to ask about the toilets but I couldn’t accurately pass my message across in French.
The saw dust is in the blue container

Another interesting thing about Bab’s dock is almost everything is made of local wood. I love the fact that Bab’s dock is a concept based on the principle of ecotourism.

Ever been to Bab’s dock? Please share your experience. If not, what do you think about the place? I’d love to also hear your thoughts.

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27 thoughts on “Bab’s Dock, The Republic of Benin

  1. This is so cool. Now I feel like going there now. Lool. Saw dust to flush the toilet?!! Before I go there I’ll make sure my Français is better so I can ask as many questions. Lol. Thanks for sharing the experience there and giving us tips. The food looks so good.

    1. Please make sure your French is top notch. I thought I could speak French well till I got there and it felt everything was going really fast😂😂
      December is almost here

  2. Goals, right here. I’ve heard a lot of benin 🇧🇯. Heard there’s a lovely beach with a derelict aircraft on it. Your post has gingered me to pack my bag and flee. Please take me with you next time 😭😭😭

    1. We didn’t know about that beach, maybe we would have stopped by but I was at some awesome resort I’ll put a review on in my next post.
      Please pack the bags o, Togo is next on my list😂

  3. Minister of Enjoyment. Well done ma. I’ve only passed through Benin and I only visited that place in oiudah with plenty snakes. Snake temple I guess. The concept of this place is nice and I’m trying to imagine sawdust and flushing. Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m sure it does make sense in the real sense🙈 ok bye!

    1. Minister of Works(money)😂😂
      My Dad already warned me not to go to the snake Temple so I didn’t try it o, I only took a picture of the place.
      Lol, I’m sure it makes sense to them.

    1. I know right, we learn new things everyday. I want to believe its to better the environment… Probably to conserve water and make use of the saw dust and shit maybe as manure🙇

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