A Trip to the Zoo

Hey guys!

How’re you all doing?

Thank God its friday. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while.

Last week, I visited the zoo. I’m usually not very excited when it comes to the zoo but this particular zoo happens to be the biggest in South Africa so I decided to give it a try.

The National zoological gardens of South Africa is located at 232 Boom street, Pretoria South Africa. It has about 9000 animals and about 700 different species. It is one of the top 8 largest zoos in the world actually. It is a space of 85 hectares (210-acre), I actually thought the space was a joke at first.

The entrance fee was R110 for an adult(2525 naira, about 8 dollars). The fee is quite moderate in my opinion.

At the entrance there are golf carts that you can use but because we were quite a number we decided to just walk which didn’t turn out so well.

My first stop was to the snake area. I love snakes, the colours and how beautiful it looks.

Isn’t it beautiful how well this lizard blends with the colour of the tree.

Next stop was to the Turtles, I forgot to take their pictures because I was in awe. 

Next was to the aquarium.

I had to follow the shark a number of times to get a picture.

Next stop was to the Dragon and Monsters. I was expecting fire spitting dragons for real,lol.

I like talking to animals so I told the penguins, “you’re here swimming and walking when your mates are on Nickelodeon fighting crime”.

Then we went to the other section.

How beautiful is this?( I didn’t edit it)

This is the Sammy Marks Fountain.
Next stop was the birds.

At this point my legs were already aching so I wasn’t concentrating anymore.

The cheetah was asleep when I went to its place of abode so I couldn’t get a picture of it.

But at least i got a picture of the water fall in its cave.

This giraffe was too proud, it kept on hiding its head and was said to be eating.

This probably weighs about 300kg or more.

Please note that this Zoo has more animals than the ones you see here, I couldn’t take all the pictures. Also the animals are actually bigger than what it looks like in the pictures.

We walked in the zoo for about 3 hours if not more. The zoo has a map guide you get at the entrance but it didn’t help as much as I thought it would, we still had to ask for directions.

I like how organized the zoo is, they actually categorized the animals based on their habitat which was very educative.

Have a wonderfully weekend.

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕

23 thoughts on “A Trip to the Zoo

  1. Did I just see “I love snakes”?😭. It looks really nice. And loool, leave the penguins, biko. This is really nice. We thank God for nature and wildlife . How beautiful.

  2. Nao dis z a zoo. Really beautiful animals especially dat bird nd dose flowere too, very lovely. I’m not usually psyched about zoos too cos i usually think they have nothing to offer but dis z just wonderful, tnx for sharing 😘

  3. Lovely,Pribodunke.. This is indeed a zoo.
    What I have been going to … I don’t know what to call what I thought was a zoo,before.
    On snakes though,I was bit by a snake,so I guess any love I had left…left with my survival…and i also had scorpion bite experience which was not funny too. Painful.. So maybe I’m not the biggest snake fan.

    I like birds though(even chickens we see everywhere.. not the “paako” ones o,but the “chubby” ajebutter ones with nice feathers and combs.
    PS:It is not because they look better cooked.
    I like talking to them too.. They do not respond tho.If they do,it is by running away.
    I also love Big cats,too. God’s artistic ways in creation just shines very bright with them.
    Altogether lucky you,It must have been a wonderful experience..Nice pictures.
    Thank you for sharing.

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