A Trip to Freedom Park(2)

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I hope you had a lot of unboxing to do, remember I talked about Christmas gifts and I wasn’t hoping to get any but I got surprised. And Christmas day turned out to be wonderful, there was so much to think about and be grateful for; there was also so much to eat and drink for  a split second I imagined all the food would add some weight to my body,lol.

I talked about the memorial part of Freedom Park, so just in case you missed the first part of this trip, don’t worry I’ve got you covered just check here. So here goes:

The museum aims to preserve and narrate the story of the African continent and specifically South Africa. The museum tells the story of Africa and South Africa over seven epochs of history- Earth, Ancestors, Peopling, Resistance and Colonization, Industrialization and Urbanization, Nationalism and Struggle, National Building and Continent Building.

This post is flooded with pictures so please beware.

“A dream is not a dream until shared by the entire community”

“…the day should not be far off, when we shall take a people’s shrine, a freedom park, where we shall honour with all the dignity they deserve, those who endured pain so we should experience the Joy of freedom”

                              Nelson Mandela(1999)

I am an African!

There were two film shows that was shown: the first was about how humans came to earth and the second was about slave trade and all the horrible things black people went through. I was close to tears when I watched the second one and at that point I was glad I wasn’t born in that era.

I’ve met so many black people that dislike white people because of all that happened. Please I’m not a fan of racism and truly it doesn’t have any positive effect and you only deprive yourself of some awesome people if you decide to become a racist. There are black and white racists too. 


The struggle for liberation was really a struggle and this I say cannot be taken for granted, this same thing can be likened to what Jesus did for us.

Please let me know what you think about the museum and Freedom Park in general. I think it’s awesome and gives me a lot to be grateful about. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments.

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  1. Yeahh. There’s soo much to be grateful for.
    Freedom park is such a beautiful place. So much is being done to preserve what is left.
    Awesome pictures by the way👌

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