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Hey hey!!!

It’s 2017 and it’s gradually moving fast too, lol. If you’re wondering why I didn’t put up a post on the 31st of December and on the 1st of January well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, learning and clearing my head of certain thoughts

I’m not a fan of “the new year resolution” because I do not have to wait for the new year till I have a long lists of do’s and don’t s. I believe in improving and progressing.

2017 for sure would be so much fun and I definitely want to grow in all aspects of my life. Progressive growth… you know it’s one thing to grow and its a different thing to have a progressive growth. When your growth isn’t progressing then it means when you take a step forward you take two backwards. That’s growth quite alright but there’s no progress.

Faith: I intend on doing a lot of reading God’s word and listening this new year. I’m tired of talking more and then being in so much hurry and not hearing.

Relationships:  2016 taught me how to be more patient. In 2017, I want to love unconditionally whether people treat me the same way or not. Loving doesn’t hurt, it should be my lifestyle.

Style: My styles would probably involve more neutral colours. I fell in love over the past months.

Travel: I intend on travelling to at least 2 new countries this new year.

Reading: I joined Sarah Audu in her challenge of reading 2 books in a month.

What do you intend on doing this new year? What do you hope on getting better at this year?

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Xoxo, Pribodunke💕

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  1. I plan to be a better individual and more faithful as a Christian. To be more fruitful and exemplary in my deportment and most importantly to add positive values to others. Nice one from you! I wish you all the best in achieving them.

  2. This year I plan on taking professional courses ,pray more , worry less/be less fearful, take driving serious again and be less critical

  3. This is beautiful! And I pray God’s angels never leave you on your path of progressive growth.For me,2017 is all about stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things that my introverted nature doesn’t allow to do on a normal day.Want to focus on certain skills I’ve got;physically, mentally and mostly spiritually.
    PS:What kind of books do you read?

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